Enabling Disruptive Solutions to The Capital Markets

We guide and assist Capital Market participants to design and deliver
disruptive & innovative business models that leverage distributed ledger technology.

Current Landscape

Distributed Ledger Technology (including the Blockchain) are the current Holy Grail for capital markets offering more efficient, cost effective services including simplifying clearing and settlement processes for a myriad of financial transactions.

The financial sector is investing in Distributed Ledger Technology and case studies are underway in North America, Europe and Australia.

Technologists developing distributed ledgers have limited understanding of capital market infrastructure, potential applications, or the distinctive intricacies of geographically & culturally diverse financial systems.

Businesses are reviewing the technology with limited understanding the true potential of the technology.


How Do We Fit In?

Tempus Adventus is an intermediary between real work capital market applications and distributed ledger technologists.
Our approach is NIMBLE.



New — Bring fresh ideas, opinion, experience


Invent — Create value by unlocking the technology, explain its potentials through a Capital Markets’ lens, design disruptive models


Mature — A team of experts with access to global industry networks accumulated from decades of experiences working and implementing enterprise platforms including: Execution / Post Trade Management / Surveillance / Depository / Regulation


Backbone — Access and support for your company with representatives located in all global financial centres where the technology is being developed and promoted


Learnt — Provide knowledge and experience in the distinctive intricacies of Global Capital Market Centres such as Multi-CCP models in Europe, Dodd Frank/Volker Rule legislation of the US Markets and the Challenges of Emerging Markets


Educate — Advise and counsel key decision makers


Our Strategy

  1. We bridge the knowledge gap between the Capital Markets and Technology providers
  2. We assist Technology providers to build their business case and deliver disruptive solutions
  3. We assist Capital Market participants design disruptive models utilizing Distributed Ledger Technology
  4. We provide Program Delivery, Integration and Implementation Services
  5. We collaborate with Global Strategic Alliances to provide Advisory Services







Target Markets

Developed and Emerging Markets in Asia Pacific, Africa and South America

Advisory & Integration Services
Advisory Services (Developed Markets)




Target Segments


Central Bank

Clearing House







Contact Us

Head Office: Sydney, Australia

Email: info@tempus-adventus.com